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 Project Overview

Poly • Stone Elephant Lake is a national eco-demonstration region, inside Pujiang County of Chengdu, which is located in Chengya highway’s 86km-exit. It is named for an ancient temple, called Stone Elephant, in Lake Region.

The project totally occupies an area of 12,000mu. The two primordial lakes cover a total area of more than 2,000mu. The winding water in Stone Elephant Lake likes a maze on water. The surface of Miaoyin Lake is tranquil and wide. The forest coverage rate of Stone Elephant Lake is up to 90%. There are rare animal and plant resources. The air condition is better than the national primary standard and the scenic spot becomes a veritable natural oxygen bar. Relying on the profound local culture, the flower culture, historical and cultural ancient towns, Buddhist culture, Taoism culture and tea country culture consist of abundant tourist resources.

In March 2002, the Stone Elephant Lake opened because of the largest Tulip Flower Festival in Asia. It won a great reputation in the tourism market as the first scenic spot with a floral theme. The conception of Stone Elephant Lake was Nature, Ecology and Sustainable Development during past over 10 years and it dedicated to build a premier leisure resort in southwest.

The scenic spot has developed four-season floral products of spring, summer, autumn and winter. People will appreciate the beauty of flowers all year around.

The Stone Elephant Lake successfully became the national AAAA-class tourist area and the tourism quality was improved again in 2014.

The Flora Expo Garden in the second phase is put into operation in 2015 and the supporting functions in scenic spot are improved.

 Development History

Stone Elephant Lake formally opened in 26th May, 2002;

The scenic spot started a tour of Wupeng boats on Stone Elephant Lake in 2002;

Ecological scenic spot of Stone Elephant Lake was formally named as first batch of Environmental Education Base in Sichuan Province in 2004

The first Stone Elephant Lake Tulips Tourist Festival started in 2005;

The first Stone Elephant Lake Sunflower Tourist Festival started in 2012;

Elephant Springs Inn in Stone Elephant Lake formally opened in June 2012;

The scenic spot awarded national AAA-class tourist areas in December 2012.

The scenic spot brought in canoeing project in June 2014;

The recreational fishing tour started in 2014;

The Stone Elephant Lake scenic spot formally became the AAAA-class tourist area evaluated by the national tourism attraction’s quality rating committee in 2014;

The second phase of Flora Expo Garden opened in 2015.

 Development Overview

The project depends on the national AAAA-class tourist area, which is the Flora Expo of Stone Elephant Lake, and it bases on the tourism industry of ecological flowers. The infrastructure and commercial facilities are improved. The experience activities of water sports and leisure, camping in the woods, quality development, eco-agriculture sightseeing, ecological tea tourism are gradually introduced into the project; the experience activities of deeply excavating Buddhism culture, traditional culture, Zen culture, etc. are brought in the project as well. Combining with the resort hotels, health-keeping, leisure and programs in Miaoyin Lake, the project aims to build a high grade tourist resort and explain the Lifestyle of Stone Elephant Lake to the market.

The project faces to the primary market of Chengdu and Chongqing and covers the market in southwest and the whole country. It becomes an influential comprehensive tourism project. The second phase of Flora Expo and the vocation program have been developed one by one and the influence of this project has been further enhanced. In the future, the Stone Elephant Lake will finish the transition of the main groups of tourists and finally become the primary compound ecological health resort in southwest.

 Business Condition

The scenic spot received 800,000 visitors in 2014 which grew by 20% compared with the same period in 2013. Until now, the scenic spot has totally received more than 5,000,000 visitors and the tourist receipts increased year by year.

 Project's Impact

In 19th May, 2002, then general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Jiang Zemin companied with provincial and municipal leaders visited the scenic spot and wrote inscriptions for a souvenir.

Stone Elephant Lake was reported many times by CCTV media and other mainstream media from inside and outside of the Sichuan province including CCTV, SCTV, CDTV, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Evening News, etc. It was also reported by web media and various new media platforms, such as Sina, Tencent, CNTV, etc. It won the awards of Favorite Scenic Spot in Sichuan of the Year, Favorite Tourist Resort, Favorite Scenic Spot of the Internet, Marketing Leader of the Year and other kinds of awards which selected by tourist trades and media.

Besides, many popular film and television programs were filmed at Stone Elephant Lake, such as the variety show called Happy Sunday, the film called Pink Lady and so on.

 Development and Protection

Since the development of the Stone Elephant Lake, the project has stick to the principle of respecting local conditions and sustainable development. Both the natural features of architecture and landscape are retained as much as possible. The planning layout of the project is according to the terrain features and all the old trees in the spot are completely retained. In the area of the project, the wetlands ecosystem is protected well. The wetland ecosystem has profound meaning to water purification, flood control and drought relief, band protecting and silt promoting, and also the favorable ecological habitats for wild fauna and flora. The Shuangxin Valley area in Stone Elephant Lake is the core region of wetlands ecosystem. There is Alsophila spinulosa existing more than 10 thousand years, with a reputation of living plant fossil, in Shuangxin Valley and it tops the list of 8 kinds of plants in the National first class protected plants.

 Social Benefits

Ecosystem has been protected (altering famer’s behaviors of cage culture, excessive deforestation and ecological damage and achieving the harmonious development of economy and ecology);

Industrial restructuring (changing small-scale production mode, increasing subsidiary agricultural products and commercial crops, adding value of agricultural production);

Promoting employment (hiring florists, boatmen, cleaners and security staff which solving the employment problem of local surplus labor);

Promoting local economy (agritainment spring up around; local hotels, restaurant and other tertiary industry in Pujiang County are forging rapidly);

 Positioning and Planning

The project focuses on the exurban vacation market vacancy of Chengdu and puts forward a general orientation of creating a national tourism resort according to the rapid growing demand of vacation market. The project was implemented step by step with a general orientation. The project started from Stone Elephant Flora Expo. Finally, the project became a compound tourism complex consisting of floral sightseeing, commercial town, water sports and leisure, camping in the woods, quality development, eco-agriculture sightseeing, ecological tea tourism, Buddhism culture, traditional culture, Zen culture, etc. which combined with the resort hotels, health-keeping, leisure and programs in Miaoyin Lake.

 Project Development

The project has developed many compound tourism products in order to satisfy the demands of tourists, public and community owners on the base of local conditions. Until now, the Stone Elephant Lake Floral Expo which covers an area of 2,500mu has been built and operated. The matched facilities of Elephant Springs Inn, fishing tour, canoeing, water events which will be open soon and other facilities satisfy the needs of tourists; the matched floral park, the tour of Wupeng boat, Elephant Hill Ancient Town and the upcoming projects of fruit farm, sightseeing tea garden, children’s play area and other facilities satisfy the needs of public; the matched commercial town, community supermarkets, Flora Expo and the upcoming recreational activities and parent-child project satisfy the needs of community owners.

The project bases on local and surrounding high-quality resources and has develops abundant independent tourism products which are well accepted in market. The culture theme is flower. It has developed hydroponics flowers and potted flowers. It has also independently built a flower breeding base. Combining with the profound history of tea culture in Pujiang and the high-quality resources of tea planning and production, the project has developed Stone Elephant Lake Hand-made Specialty Tea and a series of Sparrow-tongue tea products. Because of the element of elephant through the scenic spot, many types of plush toys in the shape of baby elephant and a series of DIY products of gypsum colored drawing are designed and they are very popular. According to the unique eco-agriculture resources rooted in Pujiang, the project has developed the products of flower cake, honey, and seasonal fresh fruits and so on. The project meets market demand for natural, health and high-quality tourism. In the future, the project will further develop more tourism products and try to develop and form a tourism industry.

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